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BESTSELLERS - School Project Rebrand

Featured below is a rebranding concept I created for Bestsellers Books & Coffee Co., a bookstore café found in my hometown. 

I wanted to give the logo a professional, but classic feel. The original logo looks a bit disorderly and I wanted to simplify it to give a more clean and defined look. Since the café has been established for almost two decades, I felt there did not need to be as much information in the logo, but I also wanted to show how established the business is by adding the establishment date. I chose to keep the brown color from the original logo to add an accent color to the logo. Lastly, I elected to keep a more serif style typeface to pay tribute to the original logo and lettering found outside of the building.

I designed a brand manual (click here to see a PDF of the branding manual), different business applications, stationery, and website comprehensives as part of the re-branding.

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