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2021 Recognition Cards - Work Project

While working at Kindred at Home I was tasked with designing the yearly recognition cards. I created five different cards to be sent to KAH employees for national recognition events. I also included my card design for Doctor’s Day that was created with the same concept in mind.


For this project, I researched floriography, which assigns specific meanings to flowers. I chose flowers with symbolism I found aligned well with the specific positions we were recognizing.


Social Workers Month - Yellow gladiolus symbolize happiness, positivity, joy, and warmth.

Pastoral Care Week - Blue irises symbolize eloquence, faith, and hope.

Volunteer Appreciation Week - White crocuses symbolize truth, cheer, and happiness.

Nurses Week - Yellow yarrow symbolize both healing and inspiration.

Doctor’s Day - Red carnations symbolize love, charity, sacrifice, bravery, and courage.

CNA Week - White zinnias symbolize goodness and lasting friendship.


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